Walnuts and Harmonies - Recording 'Who Are We Turning Into?'

Imperial Broads are now knee deep into the recording of our second album but with the anniversary of the release of our debut just around the corner we thought we'd share some photos and memories from the recording of Who Are We Turning Into?


Old school 35mm photos by Lauren

This set of photos are taken on my 35mm Minolta SLR (aside from the very first one which was taken on a little digital camera). I brought it along because I love my Minolta and the beautiful textures I get from that lens. Unfortunately I did subsequently leave the films in the car before developing them and they got a little baked but I still like the pictures here showing different aspects of our week recording at The Island. The Minolta camera doesn't have a flash and so you'll see most of these photos are taken outdoors and make it look like there wasn't quite so much work going on as there really, truly was! 

We hadn't quite finished the album when our time was up here; a few guitars and vocals still to be done. We finished those over the Easter Long weekend in two of our parent's homes. The long process of mixing, mastering and self releasing then followed... Who Are We Turning Into? was officially released on 4th November 2016 with three singles and three home-made clips to accompany. One day I'll put together some BTS photos and outtakes from our fun times making clips.

A few extra digital camera shots below for you to peruse at your leisure. 

Lauren Crew